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The Full Story


My name is Bill Widler, I am the Founder and Owner of Primal Fighting Championship. I started out being an elite wrestler in high school and becoming one of the top in the country. I continued to compete for Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo at the division-1 level. When the chapter in life came to a close, the fire of competing still burned which lead me to the world of MMA.


I had a professional career of 15 years. In that 15 years, I have fought in many different organizations from the regional scene to some of the biggest organizations in the world. I have been very fortunate to fight throughout the country and world, and because of this sport and make many connections along the way.   


I would like to close by thanking everyone for the continued support and for helping make PFC stand out. We as an organization want to separate ourselves from any other to bring the best experience to fighters and especially the fans. 


We have built the best team around this organization. First our AMAZING Sponsors you are the lifeline behind our events. The design and film company Authentic Storyteller Designs continually raises the bar and helps elevate the organization so fighters and fans continue to receive the best experience at every show. They also develop and deliver all the top-quality online content for the organization and the fighters that helps separate the PFC from every other organization out there.

Also a special thanks to family, friends, and my beautiful children Bella, Aubriana, and Boston. I can’t forget my beautiful amazing wife Megan.


On that 15 year journey, I’ve seen many things that organizations have done well and many things they didn’t. We want every fighter to get treated like they are the champions. Along with giving them the shine and showing them the respect they deserve.


We also want to match the fights super competitive so the fans get to see highly competitive and action-packed fights along with giving the fighters the challenges they need to move forward in this sport.


Our Vision at Primal Fighting Championship is to create an organization where every fighter gets treated like they are the champions. We want this to be a platform where we have the connections to national and global organizations, to continually help build and grow the careers of these athletes. 

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